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Social Media and Real Estate


This post is for any Realtor, Broker or Real Estate affiliated individual. You’ve been told about the importance of Social Media and how it can positively affect your brand but not sure where to begin? Start here…

Social Media is the current wave of technology which allows users to socialize with other users or businesses. Our smartphones are constantly on us, and nearly at all times in hand-reach, this is where businesses can use the ‘phone addiction (or just modern-age lifestyle) to get and obtain customers and clients. That’s why social media is held in such high authority, most of us use it. Here is the current usage statistics.

Social Media and Real Estate

As you can see we really do use technology, especially social media. Anyway, enough of the boring statistical bits, you want to know how you can use social media for your real estate needs. Find out below.

How to use Social Media in Real Estate?

First of all, it’s important to note that we will be talking about a variety of social media platforms. The list we suggest for your start-up is.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter

We will be going through each one by one in the upcoming posts, but for now, I’ll tell you key points of how you can use these platforms for your Real Estate brand.


Most used social media site EVER. It can be used to create pages specific to your brand (For Example: Kali Butterly). This is commonly found on search engines (Like Google) by simply searching your brand name, therefore you have Facebook exposure and Google exposure. This increases your chance of capturing clients and leads.

It can also be used to create large groups ( A lot of Real Estate groups are on Facebook, they give good advice and updates on current market trends)>

As well as the points above, it is also a place to interact with your clients. Your page or profile can be used for your target audience to actually contact you and ask you questions. Who wouldn’t want that?

Adverts. As the saying goes, you have to speculate to accumulate. That’s where Facebook ads come into place. You set parameters on your target audience, a running time and a budget for your campaign to be seen on more people’s Facebook’s (It shows as a sponsored post). This can be effective for capturing specific leads (I.e home buyers in New York), but I would say research more into it before you start putting all your eggs into one basket.



Facebook’s successful purchase. The two social media giants are closely linked together, in fact you can physically link the two together from the Instagram app itself (So your uploads to Instagram will also be shared to Facebook automatically). Killing two birds with one stone!

Instagram’s primarily use is to share images. A lot of people use Instagram for business and rightfully so. It’s fun, easy to use and effective in capturing clients with many features such as direct messaging, tagging and hashtags (As you’ll find out in the next coming posts of which #Hashtags to use.

Being a realtor means helping people buy or sell their home and one of the most important points about buying a house is the appearance. What’s better than a customer seeing this beautiful 4-bedroom house in the suburbs of Philadelphia on Instagram based on the large bold image and guess what, you’re located in the same area as the customer. JACKPOT (Woop woop) you just grabbed yourself a sale (or if it falls through  *let’s hope not* you have yourself a home-buyer)

Adverts. as with Facebook you can buy your publicity by purchasing a campaign, you’ll get more likes, followers and let’s hope, a sale.


Facebook’s biggest competitor, Twitter. It created the #Hashtag before it was famous. It’s used differently than Facebook, Twitter has a more professional feel to it, less personal interaction but that doesn’t mean less business interaction. That’s right, no more Add Friend, just Follow. That’s how you know it means business.

Real Estate companies and realtors worldwide use Twitter to advertise their listings, open-houses or simply just saying “Hey, we’re here you know”. It’s professional feel allows you to network greatly. If you were to search #ForSale you’ll see a lot of listings or houses (and other stuff).

As with Facebook, Twitter is usually on the first page of search engines, therefore simply setting it up will help capture more leads tremendously.


I’m glad you’ve read our first blog post, with many more helpful Real Estate marketing tips to come. Remember we also offer Websites, Brochures & Business Cards.

Good luck and remember to set-up your social media, see you soon!


Founder, Realtor Project



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